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AR80 – Cathskills® – Intelligent Catheterisation Simulator, Male and Female

Adam,Rouilly is delighted to announce its newest product, the CathSkills® – Intelligent Catheterisation Simulator, Male and Female.

Developed with expert clinical guidance, we are pleased to present the first intelligent urethral catheterisation trainer which acts like a human and senses when the urine needs to flow when a catheter is inserted. Soft, anatomically accurate interchangeable male and female genitalia offer a realistic training experience.

The simulator is completely self contained – alleviating the need for cumbersome reservoir bags and stands. For ease of use, timed or continuous flow operating modes can be selected and the unit will alert if the reservoir is nearly empty.

An extra long low voltage power cable is included, as well as an external battery pack, allowing the unit to be used almost anywhere – augmenting simulation training for catheterisation procedures in simulation or patient actor type scenarios.

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  • Patient communication, consent and chaperone procedures
  • Setting up of a sterile field
  • Cleaning of genital areas
  • Insertion of lubricant into the urethra
  • Female urethral catheterisation: correct identification of the urethra and vaginal opening by separating the labia and use of a light source if necessary
  • Male urethral catheterisation: inserting the catheter and moving the penis to a 90° angle, overcoming points of resistance
  • Verification of successful catheterisation when urine flows
  • Inflation of catheter balloon
  • Connection to a catheter bag
  • Residual urine volume monitoring
  • Size 12 Ch/Fr or 14 Ch/Fr catheter devices should be used with this model


  • Easy to use, minimal maintenance
  • Water is stored in the unit to simulate urine flow, alleviating the need for cumbersome reservoir bags and stands, making the unit highly mobile
  • A unique intelligent system responds to catheter insertion just as a human would. The model can be set to pass
    urine for a preset amount of time or a continual flow for connection to a catheter bag
  • The lifelike anatomy has been carefully moulded to offer the most realistic experience in urethral catheterisation procedures for both male and female patients, including moveable upper thighs
  • The female anatomy contains a shorter urethral representation and labia which must be parted in order to access the urethra. To enhance anatomical understanding, a vaginal opening is also present and can accept part of the catheter to simulate incorrect placement
  • The male anatomy has a removable foreskin which can be retracted for cleaning procedures and repositioned after successful catheterisation. Representations of the external urethral sphincter and prostatic region can be felt as points of slight resistance during catheter insertion
  • Battery or worldwide mains power compatible


  • Lower torso with movable legs
  • Removable water tank and control unit
  • Interchangeable female genitalia
  • Interchangeable male genitalia
  • Low voltage mains adaptor with worldwide plug fixings
  • External battery unit (requires x6 AA batteries, not included)