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At 3B Scientific, they are dedicated to inspiring excellence in the training and development of healthcare professionals through innovative and affordable manikin and simulator solutions.

As an ISO 9001 certified organization, they are committed to quality practices that exceed the demanding requirements of their customers.

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Medvision is an innovative and fast-growing Japanese company specialized in designing and manufacturing high-fidelity medical simulators and having more than nine years of history in the development of medical simulation equipment. MedVision was established as partnership of LLC Eidos-Medicine (Russia) and K.K. DNAFORM (Japan).

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Established in 1918, M.Rouilly recognised the need to provide healthcare education with superior products and the very best customer service.

Today Adam,Rouilly has been serving medical education for over 100 years and continues to uphold M.Rouilly’s high standards in providing quality and excellence to customers.

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The history of Sakamoto Model began as a manufacturer of models for medical training, and nowadays they develop and manufacture a wide range of simulators for training nurses and other medical staffs.

Their product development is designed to make accurate technical training possible, by creating realistic models which match the realities of the human body, while also allowing training to be carried out efficiently within a limited time.

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TruCorp® is the world’s leading manufacturer of lifelike, anatomically correct airway intubation manikins, a simulated patient monitor app and other medical training equipment.

TruCorp continues to grow through a process of continuous innovation and refinement. They’re proud to provide health professionals with anatomically accurate medical simulators to advance medical skill training and improve patient safety.

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VOXEL-MAN surgical simulators are used by leading universities and hospitals around the world, from Honululu in the west to Tokyo in the east and from Bergen in the north to Porto Alegre in the south. The growing interest in our simulators is also reflected by a considerable number of independent validation studies.

Its innovative software architecture provides the common platform for all VOXEL-MAN training simulators. In 2011, VOXEL-MAN Tempo and the tooth preparation simulator VOXEL-MAN Dental were presented, later followed by VOXEL-MAN My Cases for importing clinical cases from CT into the simulator and VOXEL-MAN Sinus for endoscopic sinus surgery

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