PrimeMed Medical Device Distributor

PrimeMed Services

Educational Equipment

As a leading distributor of medical devices in Vietnam, PrimeMed offers a full line of medical equipments for education and training including model products and pre-clinical simulation. We represent the most well-known brands in all over the world as Nasco (USA), Adam Rouilly (UK), Trucorp (N. Ireland), Laparo Medical Simulators (Europe) and Sakamoto (Japan).

Diagnostic Equipment

Our products also include various diagnostic equipment coming from high-quality worldwide brands. We understand the need of diagnostic equipments in the healthcare system and guarantee a comprehensive solution for all our projects.

Treatment Equipment

We support medical organizations with distribution of various treatment products for: Oncology, Cardiology, Erectile Dysfunction, Lithotripsy, Thermotherapy, Vascular, Nephrology, Gynecology, Aesthetics, Orthopedics & Veterinary.