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About PrimeMed

About Us

Establishment history

Founded from the most effective, productive and high-potential project teams of Viet Long Medical Equipment JSC, PrimeMed JSC is built on a succession of experiences, achievements and history of 14 years of establishment and development in Viet Long JSC.


Create the highest level of client & employee satisfaction.


Become a leading company in medical technology development and comprehensive consulting solutions.

Build an efficient management system with a dedicated, skilled and professional specialized workforce.

Core values

Always work efficiently and prioritize customer benefits.

Continuously research and provide high-quality products as well as best-in-class service including: customer care, product installation, warranty and maintenance.

Cooperate with prestigious worldwide brands/partners to bring the most premium products and outstanding service to customers.

Create an effective, fair and professional working environment where all individuals are respected, inspired and given the opportunity to maximize their talents.

About Us

Our strengths

Aiming for sustainable development, we have always prioritized human factor.

We pride ourselves on being leaders who have rich experiences in Vietnam & the international market, as well as in projects in collaboration with the Vietnamese Government. Our team has gathered dynamic, enthusiastic and talented people having excellent training and worldwide work experience.

Regarding service, PrimeMed JSC focuses on our several outstanding strengths including: