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TAKUMI Magnetic Probe

TAKUMI is a magnetic probe for sentinel lymph node identification, designed to be used in conjunction with a magnetic nanoparticle tracer or fluid during sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB).

In a clinical trial with 210 patients, it was proven that magnetic tracers’ identification rate is comparable to that of radioisotope tracers. And unlike conventional radioisotope methods, SLNB with magnetic tracers and a probe like TAKUMI enable even small- to medium-sized medical institutions, that may not have nuclear medicine facilities, to accurately and objectively diagnose cancer metastasis.

The TAKUMI probes include the permanent magnet and Hall sensor – into a compact, lightweight, handheld device, that can be operated by one person alone. The application itself is kept simple and straightforward, with only three buttons and an easy-to-understand LED display.

Originally developed for diagnosing breast cancer metastases, clinical trials to investigate TAKUMI’s effectiveness in other types of cancer are currently in progress, as a radiation-free, minimally invasive biopsy can greatly increase cancer patients’ quality of life.

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