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Gynetherm 700™ – Shockwave Therapy for Vaginal Disorders

The Gynetherm 700™ is an innovative approach which applies heat therapy for the treatment of vaginal disorders (vaginal infections, Vaginismus and cervical lesuins). The use of heat therapy could affect existing concepts and practices in the field.

Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction characterized by involuntary muscle contraction when vaginal penetration is attempted. Women suffering from the disorder often find it difficult, or even impossible, to endure vaginal penetration during a gynecological examination or sexual intercourse. While the condition, as expected, leads to pain, high stress and damaged relationships, only 15% of women suffering from vaginismus seek help.

Treatment for those suffering from vaginismus has ranged from educational therapies, to hypnosis, and even surgical intervention. Unfortunately, these solutions have been proven inadequate. Gynetherm applies heat therapy using special transvaginal probes to relax the vaginal muscles and allow for gynecological treatment and pain-free penetration.

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