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AR402 – Digital Ear Examination Trainer

Developed in collaboration with Professor Tony Wright, Emeritus Professor of Otolaryngology, new AR402 Digital Ear Examination Trainer has been designed to facilitate the most realistic training experience in ear examination.

Using high resolution digital screen technology, the trainer includes 48 common and less common ear conditions as well as an anatomically accurate ear structure to offer a comprehensive training solution for ear examination and use of an otoscope.


















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  • Palpation of the throat anatomy and correct identification of landmarks
  • Application of the correct cricoid pressure
  • Maintenance of the correct amount of cricoid pressure
  • Recognition of too little or too much cricoid pressure applied and its implications in patient welfare


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Soft, flexible and realistic pinna and ear canal
  • High resolution digital display
  • Easy to use, digital control for ear conditions
  • Examination cover to hide displays of condition numbers
  • Battery or worldwide mains power compatible
  • Sleep mode to conserve power


  • Removable Shoulder base
  • Instruction manual describing details of each condition
  • Low voltage mains adaptor with worldwide plug fixings
  • Rigid carrying case