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AR331 The Hungry Manikin® – Paediatric Nasogastric Feeding Trainer

This model was designed by nutrition nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to demonstrate to parents/carers the technique for inserting nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes in children.

The Hungry Manikin® has been significantly improved so that fluids  can be introduced into the stomach. The transparent cover is now removable and, by means of a simple connector, the stomach can be removed for cleaning.

This simple to use simulator helps identify the stages of placement, ensuring that the nasogastric device is passed safely and correctly.

This manikin enables parents/carers to visualise the correct positioning of nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes and also practise  the associated techniques.

Families have reported that The Hungry Manikin® gave them invaluable practice and increased their confidence and  understanding.


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  • Measurement, placement and securement of nasogastric tube
  • Insertion of gastrostomy tube
  • As the manikin accepts fluids, training in the following procedures is now possible:
  • Aspiration of the stomach for confirming correct tube placement
  • Measuring pH (acidity/alkalinity) of stomach aspirate
  • Enteral feeding via nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes
  • Administration of liquid based medicines



  • Movable epiglottis to demonstrate swallowing
  • Transparent body – allowing trainees to observe the tube being passed
  • Divided nasal septum allows use of nasal bridles
  • Gastrostomy opening
  • Representation of lungs and oesophagus



  • Instruction manual
  • Rigid carrying case