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AR10A – X-ray/Radiographic Positioning Doll

An invaluable teaching aid in Schools of Radiography, without  bringing discomfort or danger to patients or students.

Widely used by schools of radiography throughout the world.
















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  • Life size human figure for training radiographers in the following skills:

Positioning techniques

Patient handling

X-Ray machine use



  • Life-size figure containing a fully flexible articulated  skeleton produced from a specially selected grade of plastic
  • No metal parts are used in the articulation of the skeleton
  • Representations of the larynx, heart, lungs and kidneys are  constructed from radiolucent material, making anatomical  landmarks easily identifiable
  • The body covering has the combined properties of being  able to simulate surface anatomy whilst remaining totally  radiolucent
  • Weight – the doll is light enough to be carried easily
  • Realistic all-over joint flexibility including hip rotation and  slight hyperflexion in the knees and elbows
  • Flexible and durable articulation of the skeleton ensures a  lengthy period of use