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3B Scientific business trip

Recently, PrimeMed Joint Stock Company has been honored to welcome the representatives from 3B Scientific – Germany – Mr. Miles Sprott, Vice President of the corporation and Mr. Thanh Huynh, business development specialist of 3B Scientific Southeast Asia. 

The trip aims to strengthen the relationship between 3B Scientific and PrimeMed Jsc., and for both sides to understand each other more, inorder to push forward the long-term co-operation in the future. In addition, PrimeMed Jsc., also took 3B Scientific to visit some customers who have purchased and are using 3B Scientific’s products to acknowledge customers’ compliment and feedback. Thanks to the detailed review of our Customers, 3B Scientific GmbH, have been able to develop their products in the up-coming time to improve customer satisfaction in the Vietnamese market.

During the business trip, 3B Scientific representatives along with our representatives and had had the opportunity to listen to actual feedback and exchange ideas with the lecturers of leading universities on the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of the previous purchased products.

Thanks to the realistic after used, in-depth feedback from customers whom directly exploit the products, we, PrimeMed Joint Stock Company and 3B Scientific have developed a solid premise to improve and perfect our products in the future. 

The representatives of both companies were also given the opportunity to visit practical simulation classes of medical students and observe the procedure of preserving the simulators at the facilities.

The trip brought successful outcomes, especially in the mission of listening to our beloved customers’ experiences, creating close connections between both parties, and ensure the quality of services, warranty – maintenance and improve customer satisfaction.

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