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Training on using PAT (Pediatric ausculation Trainer) and Cardiosim VII models, pediatric emergency resuscitation model at ATCS

In order to prepare for the training of skills in examining and listening to pediatric heart sounds for 6th year medical students; On the afternoon of April 5, 2021, ATCS (Advanced Training in Clinical Simulation – ATCS of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi MInh City) organized a training course on the use of PAT, Cardiosim, and pediatric emergency resuscitation models for teachers of Pediatrics. At the training session, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vu Minh Phuc – Former Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Lecturer in Pediatrics, said “These new models and equipment with realistic and modern simulation features will greatly support and create high efficiency for teaching and practicing skills to help students acquire the necessary competence when practicing in the hospital”.

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